June 15th, 1970
Foundation of the sole proprietorship Kurt - Reiner Witte, Solingen

1972 - 1981
Assumption of the companies Dirlams and Daniel Peres and centralisation of the headquarters; Worlwide established labelmanufacturer for hairdressing-scissors

1982 - 1992
Acquisition of the company Fritz Koeller (Kismet-Thinnigtool) and Fischerwerk;Rationalisation and reorganisation; Reactivation of the Labels

Integration of the division "PET-Scissors" and beginning of the development of market leadership

Fusion of the companies K.R. Witte and Daniel Peres; Implementation of newest Computer-technologies in production and organisation; Intensification of the fields research and development, such as qualityassurance and -management

Successful Marketplacement of Millennium-Series in the categories "Hair + Pet" as premiumline.

Since 2001 / 2007
Innovative new product development in the field of high-quality hairdressing scissors like the EX 1, the first hairdressing scissors with an "active cut". Development and Produktion of the razor Click `n Cut with patent-registered blade-system.