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The Witte Group

In the course of time the K.R. Witte GmbH & Co. KG bought many companies and reactivated and carried on their labels.


Purchase of the brands Lerche and Magna under Peiniger.

Movement within Solingen to the new location "Beethovenstraße 183".


Takeover of Peiniger GmbH with FLIG.


Developement and production of hair knife Click `n Cut with patented blade system.


Innovative new product development in the field of high-quality hairdressing scissors like the EX 1, the first hairdressing scissors with an "active cut".


Successful Marketplacement of Millennium-Series in the categories "Hair + Pet" as premiumline.


Fusion of the companies K.R. Witte and Daniel Peres; Implementation of newest Computer-technologies in production and organisation; Intensification of the fields research and development, such as qualityassurance and -management


Integration of the division "PET-Scissors" and beginning of the development of market leadership.

1982 - 1992

Acquisition of the company Fritz Koeller (Kismet-Thinnigtool) and Fischerwerk; Rationalisation and reorganisation; Reactivation of the Labels.

1972 - 1981

Assumption of the companies Dirlams and Daniel Peres and centralisation of the headquarters; Worlwide established labelmanufacturer for hairdressing-scissors.

15. Juni 1970

Foundation of the sole proprietorship Kurt - Reiner Witte, Solingen


In 1792 DANIEL PERES - Founder of one of the oldest industrial cutlery factories - put the foundation for a global enterprise in Solingen. Innovation, quality and trade skills are the success determining factors.





K.-R. Witte GmbH & Co. KG

Beethovenstraße 183
42655 Solingen

Tel.: +49-(0)212 / 24 22 1 - 0
Fax: +49-(0)212 / 24 22 1 - 13


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